Online Order Cancellation and Change Policy

1. Online order cancellation policy

Once an order has been placed, it cannot be canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience
this may cause. We strive to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently, and this policy helps us to maintain the
highest level of service for all of our customers.

In case our product is out of stock and cannot be replaced.

  • Sleep Happy will notify the customer within 7 days and cancel the order and process a refund
    according to the accounting system.
  • For credit card refunds, the processing time is within 15-30 business days after the company
    receives the complete refund documents, which will take effect in the next credit card billing cycle.
  • For debit card refunds, the refund will be processed back to the account linked to the debit
    card within 30-45 business days (starting from the day the customer receives the email confirming
    the refund) or depending on the card-issuing bank.
  • For bank account refunds, the processing time is within 7-20 business days after the company
    receives the complete refund documents.

2. Product exchange conditions

Terms for the Cancellation of Purchase and Return of Product
Should there be a defect or non-compliance with specification observed by the customer upon the
receipt of product, the Company reserves the rights to consider offering exchange of product in
accordance with the specified conditions, provided that the consideration of Sleep Happy shall be
deemed final.

Customers may only exchange products found to be defective and/or non-compliant in terms of
specifications together with the documentary evidence of such defect and/or non-compliance in
accordance with the following conditions:

● Product must not be defective/damaged due to customer's action(s).
● Receipt/Document confirming the payment from the bank or the email and the sale slip/tax
invoice, destination address from courier service in the plastic bag on the package (in case of the
product is delivered by courier service) must be attached to the product.
● Product must be unused, the product brand or price tag must be intact and the product's box or
package must be in the complete condition, warranty document, manual and compatible
equipment of the product.
● Product provided under the condition of promotion such as premium, exchangeable product,
purchasing product, etc. must be returned together with the major product.
● Expense incurred from the transportation of the exchange product, gift wrapping cost, special
package, installation and other Service Fee are non-refundable.

● If Sleep Happy's product has manufacturing defects, the product return will cover the return
shipping fee, regardless of whether the payment was made by credit card, bank transfer, or any
other method.
● If the received product has issues or is unusable, it can be returned according to the product
warranty policy.
● The product must not be damaged, contaminated, exposed to dust, smoke, liquids, animal hair,
or be in a deteriorated condition to be eligible for return.
● The returned product must be sent with return documents, order confirmation, receipt, a
written explanation of the reason for return, photos of the product, and an email sent to
[email protected] **If not, the company reserves the right to cancel the product exchange.
● The product to be exchanged must not show signs of repair, and the return must include the
packaging, user manual, stamp, warranty card, and/or gifts/freebies (if any).
● Product exchanges must have valid reasons and comply with the terms and conditions.
● SleepHappy may refuse a product exchange if the person requesting the exchange is not the
individual specified in the order.
● If the returned product does not meet the return requirements, Sleep Happy will send the
product back to the customer. If Sleep Happy receives the product for the second time, it will be
kept for the sender to collect in person, with no refund or discount given. If the sender does not
collect the product within 6 months from the day Sleep Happy receives it, the sender's rights to
the product will be considered forfeited.
● Please follow the return instructions from Sleep Happy and do not follow instructions from the
shipping company.

Products not eligible for exchange/return:

• Custom or specially ordered products
• Clearance product group
• Showroom products
• Limited use products, such as Pillows / Toppers / Bed Sheets / or any accessories