1. Return policy

Sleep Happy guarantees that all products you have purchased are authentic, brand new and without defects. The product you receive will match the product descriptions on our website.

Please note that the return policy is subject to change. SleepHappy will only accept returns if the product has a manufacturing defect and has not been used.

The products returned to Sleep Happy will be checked for quality. If the product is confirmed to have had a manufacturing defect and not been used, Sleep Happy will refund the price that the customer paid for the product.

2. Conditions for Returning Products

  • The product must be in an unused condition (donatable).
  • The product must not be stained or damaged.
  • Receipt and purchase orders are required.

If Sleep Happy products have a manufacturing defect, the return shipping fee is covered. 

If you prepay by credit, debit or ATM card, you’ll receive your refund within 15 to 30 business days for a domestic card and within 60 days for an international card, depending on the refund method and the issuing bank card.

The product to be returned must be accompanied by the return document. Purchase order and receipt must be prepared. You must also write a description of the reason for returning the product along with a photo of the product and send an email to info@sleephappy.co.th

The product to be returned must not have any signs of use or repair. Returns must be sent with packaging, customer manual, stamps and / or warranty card.

  • The product must be returned within 15 days from the date of delivery. 
  • Returns of merchandise must reasonably meet the aforementioned requirements.
  • Sleep Happy can refuse to return the product if the returner is not the person specified in the purchase order.
  • If the returned product does not meet the requirements for return, Sleep Happy will send the product back to the customer.
  • Please follow Sleep Happy returns instructions, do not follow any other instructions set forth by the courier.

If the products sent to be returned is a used item that is stained, exposed to dust, smoke, liquid, fur, or is not in perfect condition, it will not be eligible for a return.

In the event that the wrong product is delivered from the order, there is incomplete delivery or the product is damaged during transportation, Sleep Happy is available to help within 24 hours of delivery. Please feel free to contact us at info@sleephappy.co.th

3. Order Cancellation Policy

Sleep Happy recommends that you cancel your order within 24 hours of placing your order. If you change your mind or do not want the product ordered and it has been more than 24 hours since the purchase, you may not be able to cancel your order.

4. Product warranty policy

A warranty shall be made under the following criteria :

The product has a manufacturing defect and has undergone normal use only. The warranty is made to the purchaser as stated on the receipt only. This warranty cannot be transferred to another person. Shipping costs are not covered under warranty liability.

1 year after the delivery date, SleepHappy will determine if a product needs to be repaired or replaced due to a manufacturing defect, free of charge.

If the date from delivery exceeds 1 year, SleepHappy will determine if a product needs to be repaired or replaced due to manufacturing defects at a cost.

In regards to repairs, the buyer must pay for the repair of the product as assessed by Sleep Happy. The buyer will be informed of pricing before the repair takes place.

In the case of wanting to change products, the buyer must pay for the period of use of the product.

Calculation Method: Divide the selling price by the number of warranty years and multiply this by the number of years the product has been used.

For example, if the mattress is guaranteed for 10 years, the retail price is 9,900 baht, and the third year warranty is exercised. The cost that the buyer has to pay for replacing the product is 2,970 baht (9900 divided by 10 times 3 = 2,970).

Sleep Happy reserves the right to refuse the warranty when the product is found to be in an unclean condition or if the product is damaged for reasons other than a manufacturing defect.

5. Transportation

During the warranty period, the buyer is responsible for paying all associated shipping costs. 

Availability of identical products or materials

If the material or model is not available for the product to be repaired or replaced, Sleep Happy reserves the right to repair or replace the product with another material or model of the same quality.

The components inside the mattress that is considered a manufacturing defect :

  • The coil or wire is loose or damaged.
  • A coil or wire passes through one piece of fabric.
  • The rubber layer is abnormal. 
  • There are cracks or tears even after normal use.

The warranty does not cover the following :

  • Fabric in the manufacture of mattresses (Including stains or burns).
  • Notched or sunken (less than 3 cm).
  • The wires used to create the structure of the mattress are distorted caused by folding or shifting of the mattress.
  • All forms of bedding products.
  • Damage due to violence
  • Structural damage from improper use of bed frames.
  • When the rubber in the mattress is torn due to use in unusual ways.

The dimensions of each mattress can vary by up to 2 cm due to the nature of the handcrafted products.

For safety, do not smoke on the mattress, do not place the mattress near an open flame or expose it to fire. The mattresses are not flame resistant or fire resistant and can catch fire or burn if exposed to open flames. When ignited, some materials inside the mattress can burn very quickly and release dangerous gases.