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  • Back support topper

    Black support model topper, available in 3 sizes: 3.5 ft., 5 ft. and 6 ft., with a thickness of 8 inches, with a layer of natural rubber material. Blended with Comfort Plus Foam Soft to the touch, very tight and comfortable. Help support your body while you sleep. It can help reduce the risk of spinal degeneration or deformity in the future.
    From3,900.00฿ 10,500.00฿
  • Element Foam Topper

    Comfort Plus Foam Element Model Topper comes in 3 sizes: 3.5ft., 5ft. and 6ft. The 8-inch power thickness offers a more comfortable feel on your mattress. It can increase your flexibility while you sleep. Perfect for those who are looking for a new touch on your old mattress.
    From2,900.00฿ 7,800.00฿
  • Zen Latex Topper

    100% natural latex topper, Senlatex model, available in 3 sizes: 3.5 ft., 5 ft. and 6 ft., 4 inches thick and comfortable to the touch. It has a special design with Open Cell that helps in good ventilation. not hot while you sleep Can support your body well, no back pain, this topper can be removed and washed thanks to its easy-to-use zip lock.
    From2,700.00฿ 7,600.00฿
  • Microfiber Topper

    From1,750.00฿ 4,990.00฿
  • Latex foam Topper

    From2,400.00฿ 5,000.00฿
  • Dacron Topper

    Dacron topper feels soft like duck feathers and feathers. Make you feel comfortable while sleeping. Well ventilated. And there is the protection from the occurrence of ticks and dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. Our fabrics are also tested for international product standards from the Textile Institute (OEKO - TEX CERTIFICATE) to ensure your hygiene and cleanliness.
    From1,700.00฿ 3,990.00฿
  • Arctic Topper

    The Arctic topper is designed with ergonomics. Help provide excellent support for your spine. The softness of the memory foam will help relieve back pain. Make you sleep better and longer. Our Arctic topper uses a unique cooling gel. Make cool and ventilate 30 better than regular memory foam as well.
    From1,900.00฿ 7,900.00฿