Ever heard of Staycation ?

Need a vacation but you don’t really have time? In today’s article, we are going to discuss how in just a weekend you can tune out the world and re-energized.
Let me picture it, you just arrived home from work feeling terribly exhausted. You are already thinking about the upcoming week and the work waiting to be achieved, moreover you are constantly counting the days before your next holidays. Let’s STOP it now.
It’s starts from friday night : Let’s start the pampering session when you arrive home.
Reduce your stress and anxiety with breathing exercise, do it for approximately 15 minutes.
Then have a bath, it’s the perfect moment to try new products such as colored bath bomb, while you are at it, do a hair and face mask.

After this pampering session it’s time to eat!
We advise you to cook dinner instead of ordering food. Science has proved that cooking has psychological benefits. If you don’t consider yourself a good cook don’t worry, don’t put pressure on you, this time it’s not about the result but more about the intention.
You will definitely enjoy this time exploring and playing with savours to cook the perfect meal for YOU.

End the day by reading a book or writing in a journal. This night is really about detoxification and liberating your mind.

Saturday : Make sure to start the day with an exquisite breakfast! This day is dedicated to an outdoor activity.
There is nothing better than breathing fresh air or doing something you really love to feel happy.
We advise you to be alone. It can be a sport or shopping session, a walk in a park, but it has to be something refreshing.

Sunday : Last day before next week, set the mood with a cozy atmosphere at home
Sunday should be a “no-effort day”. The perfect day would consist on chilling from morning to night. For this reason, you can relax with a movie or binge on a tv shows it’s even better if you order pizza!

In addition to this, keep in mind that it’s crucial to sleep in a good bed. Explore SleepHappy’s mattresses and find the perfect one that will allow you to have exquisite moments!

Here you have some tips on how to have the perfect relaxing weekend.