The Perfect Gift

Throughout the year we have to attend many celebrations such as birthdays, weddings etc, with that we have to get the traditional gifts! It can be pretty hard to know what gift to offer especially when we try to avoid something that everybody would already offer.
Here you will find some perfect gift we sell at SleepHappy that could fit for any occasion and bring happiness to your beloved ones.
Bed sheet , pillowcases, duvet cover
At SleepHappy we are particularly proud of our Bed sheets. They offer a luxury and unparalleled experience.  
The innovative Centium Core Technology® embedded grants an astonishing strength to the textile and extends its lifespan.  Bed sheets are made of 100% cotton enabling a soft touch. It also has a sensual, fresh and delightful feeling.
The quality of SleepHappy’s products is like no other. We guarantee you well being and satisfaction as a result of   our hard work and expertise put throughout the conception.
Timeless, elegance and performance perfectly describe SleepHappy’s exquisite Pillow Cases. With a soft feeling and luxury design offering you nights in the finest pillowcases in the world. Engineered with Centium Satin™ the fabric holds a strong durability and quick wrinkle recovery.
Duvet covers have two aim, the first one is protecting your duvet, nevertheless it is crucial to create an enjoyable ambiance in the bedroom and bedding accessories play a significant  part. For this reason, we bring you 100% pure cotton with a 300 thread count Duvet Covers. This breathable material will keep you warm and provides comfort.
You will have ahead of you sensational nights in these marvelous duvet covers, lighting your room in a luxurious atmosphere.

Toppers, mattress protector

Protectors are the major key to increase the comfortability of your mattress while protecting it. Your health, is one of our priorities, SleepHappy designed resilient protectors preventing your mattress from allergies, dust mites, wear and tear. The absorbent layer will protect your mattress from any spills or stains, moreover as a result of high quality, our protectors are easily washable enabling you to effortlessly take care of them.

Our down toppers are made of a unique combination of goose/duck down and feather.
Soft and resilient, they increase the softness and give protection to your mattress.
Made of 100% polyester fleece, its combines cozy, warmth and durability.

Pamper your nights with pleasant and supreme comfort Duvets.
Designed with SnowStorm’s®, our duvets are 100% polyester fleece which is a warm and soft fabric used in apparels that need to resist to extreme weather. It incredibly holds a lightweight warmth and offer strong durability with a smooth touch.
Moreover, polyester fleece is produced from recycled plastic which confirms SleepHappy’s engagement in environmental and sustainable activities.

Bath towel, private collection robe

Sleephappy aims to be a sustainable partner, for this reason we commit to the environment by bringing you top quality products while ensuring a good management of energy and water in the manufacturing.
The towels are eco-friendly products, good for your health and the environment. They are unbleached towels and are made without any harmful components such as whitening agents or peroxide. Our towels, profit from an excellent performance in water absorption.

Unique, fashionable and top quality are the perfect words to describe our alluring and delicate bathrobes. At Sleephappy, we designed luxurious bathrobes to spoil your skin while keeping you warm and dry.  The Centium Core technology embedded improves the quality, durability and strength of the product. Crafted in the softest fabrics and designed to fit any body shape, the robes have a bar-tacked belt that cannot be removed.


Your feet go through hard pain throughout the day not only because of the natural pressure of your body but also because of the uncomfortable-comfortable shoes we wear.
Our 100% cotton slippers will bring comfort to your feet. You will enjoy the soft feeling of walking in slippers made of smooth enjoyable materials. Enabling you to relax and bring to your feet the comfort needed.