Which mattress is best for you?

Have you ever heard of the “The princess and the Pea” fairy tale? If you haven’t, you might have been clueless over the fact that not only sleeping on a bed that best suits your needs, determines the quality of your sleep but also mattresses can hold many “secrets”/”mysteries”.
Here is a little but crucial article that unveils everything you need to know prior purchasing a new mattress.

Ever since the creation of the first mattress, and throughout the decades, they have been developed in different fabrics, depending on countries’ traditions and history. In far east Asia, you could find in Japan “Tatami” which were made of rice straw. Primarily, only the nobility could afford and use it, but it later spread to the commoners. In Europe, from the medieval era to renaissance, pallets of hay were used until the raise of cotton-based mattresses. It’s only in the 19th century, that metal coils were used to add support to the mattress. In this day and age, multitude kind of mattresses are on the market, each having different and specific names not making the complex task of buying a mattress easier.
There are no universal rules when it comes to choosing the “right” mattress, because finding the perfect one relies and varies on personal preferences. Support and comfort are two important factors, nonetheless, we all don’t have the same expectations and needs, thus softness and firmness in this case can be fairly subjective.

Spring Coil
Most of the mattresses sold in the market are made of spring coils. They are four types of coils; Bonnell coils, Offset coils, Continuous coils and Pocket spring.
The specificity of *Bonnell coils and Offset coils it’s that they have a hourglass shape and are nearly in all of kids mattresses whereas *Continuous coils are formed just by one continuous wire. Even though, they bring good support, they lack in motion transfer. Indeed, these type of coils hold an unpleasant motion transfer, meaning that any movement realised while lying in bed will spread across the mattress. This could be inconvenient when sharing the bed with a significant other. You might be disturbed and wake up because of their movement. To fix this issue, springs can be wrapped in fabric in order to divide and create single ones and that’s what *Pocket Spring are. They offer high support to the body while isolating the movements.

Standard Foam
Memory foam mattresses are best known to provide uncomparable support, furthermore, being heat sensitive, when lying on it, a chemical reaction occurs and the mattress imprints perfectly to your body shape. If you’re looking for something that will enable you to relieve pressure and deeply sink into the mattress, this one is perfect. However, you have to take note that it is heat sensitive, and not adapted to extreme weather. In excessive hot, it could overheat the bed and in cold temperature, memory foam mattresses become harder.

Latex is a natural material, it is made from various “Rubber trees”.
Latex mattresses offer the same features as the others, but they are stronger in firmness. Moreover, thanks to its natural material, excellent air circulation and a natural resistance to dust mites are only found in these mattresses. These qualities enable you to own a 100% allergen free mattress.

At SleepHappy, customer’s satisfaction is our priority. Combining factors such as support with comfort has become a priority, mattresses nowadays are even composed of one or more of the above. For this reason, we have elaborated a large variety of mattresses to ensure the availability of products and enabling you to choose one matching with your needs. There is no doubt that you can find what you are looking for and start a new journey with us !