The Bliss

Finding the appropriate mattress can be quite hard especially with the high offer on the market.
Prior purchasing, you might have many questions regarding the diverse specifications of mattresses and how to understand what would be perfect for you.
There is no doubt that you probably already heard of boxed-mattresses. This new way of buying mattresses is very unique, nonetheless each boxed-mattress retailed is special on its own way. In today’s article we are going to discuss about the “Bliss” mattress from SleepHappy, its characteristics and why it is the one you should buy.
The Bliss is a 10 inch thick mattress, which is composed of foam, latex and pocket spring. It is a double-sided mattress, meaning one of the sides offers a soft feel, and when turned around, it offers a firmer feel.
The combination of Spring, Foams and Latex helps ensure support to each part of the body evenly, through outlining your exact body structure, supporting your hips and shoulders equally, allowing the spine to stay in a constant position throughout the sleep period.
It has strong durability since it can maintain its lifespan for about 15-25 years. Furthermore, it is naturally resistant to mould, bacteria and dust mites, without the use of additional chemicals, and so results in a less congested sleep. Finally, the open-cell structure of latex alongside the open coil structure of the springs allows for excellent air circulation. This helps keep you cool in warm temperatures, alongside keeping the mattress free of moisture.
The Bliss, is built in various layers, there is the “front top” and the “back top”. The mattress is reversible, to adapt to needs and desire making it “unique”. Each top is made of different materials to enhance the performance of the mattress.
The First Top, holds an enjoyable comfort. It leads directly to the memory foam layer.
Memory foam is best known to provide uncomparable support, it moulds to the back, hips and shoulders relieving the body from pressure points. Furthermore, being heat sensitive, when lying on it, a chemical reaction occurs and the mattress imprints perfectly to your body shape. If you’re looking for something that will enable you to relieve  pressure and deeply sink into the mattress, the Bliss is the most suitable.
The Second Top, brings firmness. This side offers more firm to the body.
In addition to this, we came up with a blue wave patterned fabric. The mind associate blue with sophistication, comfort and calmness.
The core of the mattress is composed of diverse pieces, this combination of high quality materials aim to deliver in one product every essential features to create the perfect mattress and grant the user a memorable experience.

  • Memory foam : Brings strong support to the body and enable pressure relief.
  • Pocket spring : Offers quick air movement enabling a constant coolness in the mattress. In addition it regulates motion transfer and isolate body movement.
  • Latex : Grants firmness and resistance to the mattress, being a natural material it prevents from bacteria and dust mites.

Furthermore, the border are made of spunbond which provides excellent durability and exceptional moisture resistance.
Our people at SleepHappy, worked diligently to bring you the ideal mattress. We implemented innovative technology to increase the convenience of the mattress.
The Bliss is the perfect image of R&D, it also reflects our concerns in delivering the ultimate product.
We focused on the main aspects the “perfect mattress” should have. For this reason,  4 innovations were built-in.
Adaptive ®: Regulates your body temperature, it responds dynamically to your sleep environment and temperature changement all night to keep you cool and dry.
Hycare ®: Brings freshness, comfort and protection. Hycare is an antimicrobial treatment that offers a solution against dust mites. The mattress stays fresh and clean.
Hydrofast cool comfort ®: It is a moisture management system that allows an excellent ventilation within the mattress.
Nanobionic ® : Bio functional textil, it combines science, technology and nature enabling the body to rejuvenate while asleep. It stimulates microstimulation in the body and increase cell vitality.
Alongside we developed additional benefits that can’t be found anywhere but in The Bliss, that will expand your sleep experience.
An aphrodisiac, is a substance which stimulates sexual desire. Aphrodisiac® and Sensual technology®, are implemented in the mattress and when released they increase your desire, and create a seductive mindset in the bedroom.
Natural light is crucial in regulating our sleep drive and it’s abound in vitamin D, Energy Up®, is a far infrared therapy that is based on the healing power of light. This technology absorbs the light and transfers it to your mattress to help you feel energized.
The Bliss is the perfect innovative mattress created to fulfill your bedding expectation. It is the purest reflection of technology and design. In the Bliss, you will have an incredible experience and enchanted nights.
At SleepHappy, we are very proud to introduce to you every pieces of our mattress collection. Because your satisfaction is our satisfaction, we strive and aspire to bring you joy and pleasure.